Henry’s Wives

'Henry's Wives' at the University of Wyoming

‘Henry’s Wives’ at the University of Wyoming

Casting: 7 women, 1 man (though directors are invited to explore alternative ways of staging Henry, such as media or design/puppetry and voice over).

Running Time: 2 hours (2 acts with intermission)

Synopsis: Set in a once grand but now decaying Tudor Garden, Henry’s Wives occupies a dream-like world in which the six queens of Henry the Eighth come together centuries after their deaths in an attempt to reclaim their reigns, their lives, and their stories. They are summoned, accidentally,  by Catharina of Aragon, who has done her time in Purgatory and wants to celebrate her 500th wedding anniversary by rewriting history as the first and only wife of England’s most married king. When the other five wives show up in the King’s place, the games begin as old passions, rivalries, and political alliances resurface. But when Henry finally arrives, history begins to play out again with deadly consequences. Nonetheless, the women have been reshaped by his absence and by each other, so when the the past steps off the page and Catharina’s own scribe, Margaret, makes a play to become wife seven, there’s a chance to change things and find peace in reconciliation–at least for some of them.

Production History:

  1. English Drama Group, Kleines Theater, Salzburg 2010.
  2. Winner, Gloria Ann Peter Award, produced Morgan Opera House, 2007.
  3. Semi-Finalist, Harriet Lake Award, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, 2006.
  4. Word Premiere, University of Wyoming, 2004.


What They’re Saying:

A battle of wills, wiles, and wit!” – Kultur Stadt: Salzburg

Sex (Wives) Appeal: historic fact couple[d] with imagination” – Wyoming Branding Iron

How we are remembered matters very greatly” – Anne Boleyn.