Will And The Ghost

Blackbox @ The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse Production


Casting: 2M or 3M

Running Time: 45-50 minutes

Production History:  Co-written with Conal Condren.

  1. Pop Culture, Australia (short listed)
  2. Blackbox @ The Bakehouse (Australian Premiere)
  3. Ithaca Shakespeare Company (Staged Reading)
  4. Play Cafe Washington (Staged Reading)
  5. Brussels Shakespeare Society (workshop production)
  6. Midtown International Theatre Festival (world premiere)
  7. Southwest Theatre Association New Play Award (finalist)
  8. New Britain Repertory One Act Contest (Winner)
  9. Pennsylvania Playhouse New Play Contest (Winner)
  10. Eureka Theatre, San Francisco (Staged Reading)


Synopsis: In this one-act drama/comedy, co-written with Conal Condren, Will Shakespeare gets mugged at a pub one night and is rescued by a mysterious stranger who brings him home. But once there, the stranger’s agenda emerges. He claims to be an out of work actor, specializing in ghosts, and he insists that Will write a play for him. When Will refuses–on political and aesthetic reasons–the stranger resorts to blackmail, and a masterpiece emerges.

A note about the  Authors: This play was the result of a fruitful collaboration with my father, Conal Condren. Conal is a historian, philosopher, and fiction-writer. One of these days, we plan to write another play together. To learn more about Conal, visit his website: conalcondren.com.au

What They’re Saying:

“Shakespearean references, witticisms, and quotes abound in this award-winning one-act.” ”Exceeds expectations…worth a pilgrimage to the Bakehouse Theatre on a tempestuous winter’s night” —  aussietheatre.com

“A worthwhile and very entertaining play” “It takes something we know very well and makes us look at it in a new light” — NYTheatre.com

“What a roller coaster ride; it packs a wallop” “This one-act may well be the best play of the Midtown International Theatre Festival” “These gifted writers really know their Shakespeare” — Backstage.com